The John Byrne Award

Video ScreenshotHaving not quite completed scanning all my negatives from my Outlandia Artist Residency (as suspected something had to go wrong and of course I had fogging in my negatives) I decided to enter my first, and favourite image into the John Byrne Award. After such a fantastic experience during my residency I was then delighted to have found out I’d been chosen as November’s monthly winner for my entry. Niall Dolan emailed me to discuss the production of a short video on my values surrounding nature and conservation which both excited me and truly terrified me – you will rarely see me on the other side of the camera and I had always intended it to stay that way!

I had a fantastic day in December working with Niall and Liam who took me up to Arthur’s Seat for some “photographer-staring-proudly-into-the-landscape-with-camera and-tripod-slung-round-back” type shots. An initial interview at the John Byrne Award HQ really got me to think about my projects and the reasons surrounding the production of my work.

Check out my entry in the links below and the final video through The Skinny’s webpage.

The John Byrne Award;

The Skinny;


Digitalis purpurea, Foxglove



The John Byrne Award