Edinburgh Yarn Festival

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March 16th 2015

I had a brilliant time photographing for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival this weekend. The festival took over the entire Corn Exchange for a whole weekend and excited the eyes of hundreds of enthusiastic craft peoples. I’m not going to lie, as someone who doesn’t actually knit myself, it was still incredibly exciting. If you have major OCD then seeing hundreds of buttons lined up perfectly and hundreds of balls of wool all in a gradiented rainbow colour is completely hypnotizing.


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Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Fountainbridge Photography Competition

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March 7th 2015

Last October, Grosvenor and Springside commissioned Edinburgh Napier Photography Students to document Fountainbridge and its people. I spent a weekend walking around Fountainbridge to capture the daily life within the area. Having lived there for the previous academic year I knew all the right areas to go to. The sun was shining but rain clouds passed often so myself and fellow photographer Malena Persson stood under the bridges on the union canal to shelter. Having spent some time organising ourselves I decided to approach a man washing down his barge which had been drenched in the rain. Alistair was a funny and charismatic guy. In an entirely humorous way he told us about how he had been awoken the night before by a ‘drunk youth’ who had collapsed on his boat.

A couple of weeks later, my photograph of Alistair tending to his boat and another photograph of a memorial walkway leading up to Fountainpark was chosen to be part of the large billboard display that illustrated the present times in Fountainbridge.
The Edinburgh Evening News took interest in the display this month and so a photographer met myself and 2 other winners to capture this rather awkward photograph that was then published in the newspaper. Having felt like I spent most of that time in the snow/rain keeping my face straight towards the camera and smiling like a barbie doll the editor managed to choose the one image where I was flicking my hair off my face.
Anyway it was a rather exciting week because the next evening I was on STV Edinburgh talking about the work. That was a very exciting night but I think I definitely prefer being behind the camera….

Fountainbridge Photography Competition